Top 10 Fundraising Tips

Top 10 fundraising Tips                 

1. Choose what, when and where. What event or challenger are you going to do, is it feasible and do you have enough time to prepare or train.

2. Start planning early and give yourself plenty of time to make the event the best you can. Have a clear plan of action and get people to help you. It may be family, friends or colleagues. Do you need permission to use premises? Do you have to register for a place on a run? Is there a registration fee, if so speak to us we may be able to help?

3. Decide how you are going to collect donations.  You can set up a fundraising page on either Virgin Money Giving or My Donate as BANA has an account with each of them. You may also collect cash in a collection box, sell items, do a raffle, charge an entrance fee or use a sponsorship form.

4. Double your money – ask your employer if they have a matched giving scheme, if your employer doesn’t maybe someone you know has. They could make a big difference by doubling the money you have raised. If they don’t they may be willing to donate anyway.

5. Shout from the rooftops - Tell people about your efforts via email, social media and text messages.  This will help to raise more awareness and hopefully more donations. Remember to send updates to your supporters close to the event to remind them and create a ‘buzz’ What about telling your local paper.

6. Don’t forget to say thank you after your event and let your donors know what a great success the event has been. People always like to know what they have raised.

7. Have fun it’s the most important bit. Fund raising should not a be chore but a fun activity. If you are having fun it’s infectious and will make those there with you want to donate.

8. Remember the pics, take loads and send them to us so we can celebrate your efforts and share with others.

9. Send in your money after the event so we can start putting it to good use and add it to the total raised by you all.

10. Start thinking about your next fundraising event.










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