20th March 2020 COVID-19 Announcement


With the rapidly developing situation due to Covid 19, the team at BANA wanted to provide some clarification and reassurance for those with vestibular schwannomas. Having a vestibular schwannoma does not in anyway influence the likelihood of you contracting the virus and, similarly, having a tumour does not make it more likely that you will become very unwell should you be unfortunate enough to contract it.

In order to try and limit the spread of the virus we have taken the precautionary action of cancelling all BANA support groups for the foreseeable future and at least until 30th April 2020.  This action has not been taken lightly but recognising that many of our members are in the more mature age groups that are more vulnerable.  We have also taken advice from the Medical Advisory Panel who believe this to be the appropriate action at this time. We will, of course review this action in the coming weeks and inform you of any further decisions.

 Please remember to continue to follow government advice:


 The BANA office intends to stay fully operational and we will keep you informed of any changes that may happen in the coming weeks

 Thank you for your understanding, and stay safe.

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