Support Register

Many members within our ranks have elected to be listed on our support register, to be available by phone or email to communicate with another members who request this type of help.

We are told that speaking to someone who is undergoing the same management option, or who is most affected by the same particular symptom, is helpful.

Those engaging in this service are made aware that those they speak to are not qualified practitioners, and they cannot give medical or treatment advice, but they can assist by listening and sharing their own personal experience. Peer-to-peer support and information exchange with someone who truly understands can help to diminish the level of isolation that can be felt with this rare condition.

Support Register members are matched as closely as possible to those who would like to speak with them, based on a number of personal and medical characteristics, and many go on to continue their support of each other throughout their acoustic neuroma journey.

If you would like to speak to a member on our support register, please contact our office on 01246 550011 during usual office hours and we will arrange a contact for you. Likewise if you are a member and would like to join our Support Register to be able to help another person with the condition.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who contributes to this very worthwhile project.

We hope our website helps you to find the information & support that you are seeking. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us

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