What We Do

BANA provides support and information for people affected by Acoustic Neuroma and the related conditions, symptoms and effects.

Our support services are based on community interaction, linking patients throughout the UK who might not otherwise have contact. Because of the rarity of Acoustic Neuroma, patients often feel a sense of isolation when diagnosed and find great support in communicating with others in a similar place, who understand the impact and challenges faced.

Community contact can be via our closed Facebook group, our website forum or by joining one of our face-to-face or virtual support groups. Online contact is also helpful for out-of-hours support.

Our support groups provide face-to-face or virtual opportunities for information sharing and support from others with similar understanding. Speakers from the medical or therapy professions give presentations on Acoustic Neuroma and its effects.

Members have opportunities to speak to other members as part of our Listening Ear Service, where volunteer members are willing to listen, support and share their own experiences.

BANA has links with Treatment Centres and medical professionals across the UK who make up our Medical Advisory Panel. They kindly provide advisory assistance for the information we offer. Ensuring it is up-to-date and the most reliable from the UK perspective. Members of MAP will, if appropriate, answer questions from BANA members relating to their diagnosis.

BANA actively supports research in the field and will also initiate research when funding allows. Members are encouraged to participate.


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