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The aim of this website is to give a broad and extensive understanding of the acoustic neuroma (Vestibular Schwannoma) condition, and the interrelated conditions, symptoms and effects connected with it. Whilst our aim is to provide the most information possible to benefit all readers, it is recognised that the experiences of people with an acoustic neuroma are highly individualised and some may be more affected and others less so. Modern technologies and techniques are also improving the outcomes for those undergoing a treatment intervention.

The risks and challenges associated with the condition and/or management option are not reflective of each individual case as a whole and in many instances can be rare. The information provided is designed to assist understanding for those affected to make an educated decision about their treatment pathway, if and when an intervention becomes necessary, and to provide information to others who may go on to offer suitable support.

In order to alleviate any level of anxiety the content has the potential to cause, it is recommended that patients discuss their particular circumstances with their specialist medical team.