Legacy & In Memoriam Giving

Legacy Gifts or Gifts in wills as they are commonly known today, are incredibly special donations usually made to fondly remember someone.

Sensitive gifts, can be gifts in wills or gifts made by loved ones in memory of a special date (birthday or anniversary) or sometimes in place of funeral flowers.

BANA is ever grateful for some of these gifts each year and is proud that our members often wish to support our work with a legacy gift. This shows how important our charity has been to them during their Acoustic Neuroma journey or that of their loved ones.

We always have various key projects on the go. This work will always benefit with a little more money, so your legacy, whatever the size of the gift will be so special. Whether £100 or £10,000 you will be helping the crucial work of BANA continue and develop. Projects to improve the accessibility of our support literature and research projects, as well as contributions towards the general running costs and even helping plans to grow our supporter groups, all can benefit. Whatever the project, and you can choose, you will be making a difference and will be remembered forever.

Legacy Gifts can also be tax-efficient ways to maximise what you leave behind for your family too, depending on the size of your estate. All of an estate over the Nil Rate Band (currently £325,000) is taxed at 40% Inheritance Tax. Do think about charitable gifts, which are tax-exempt, even if to make your estate tax efficient.

We are always happy to discuss ways in which your gift will support BANA in the future.

If you wish to consider leaving a legacy to BANA or are wondering how you may leave a legacy gift please take one of the following actions:

See our Legacy Leaflet or
Call Today: 01246 550011 or
email admin@bana-uk.com