Last year, Sara and I completed a 100k ultra marathon through the night with no sleep. This year, I’m running in the London Marathon, more determined than ever to raise awareness of brain tumours and vital funds for this incredible charity. 


Brain tumours are indiscriminate. They can affect anyone, at any age, and their effects are life-changing. In July 2015, I had surgery to remove an Acoustic Neuroma. Following the surgery, I was left completely deaf in my left ear and needed to rebuild my balance and redevelop the ability to walk unaided. After spending 2 days unconscious and a week in the hospital, I returned home to continue my recovery. During the time of diagnosis, surgery and recovery, I was a Professional Footballer for Liverpool FC, and almost 3 months to the day after surgery made my debut in the Champions League. Now, I am continuously trying to share my story to help inspire people facing their own life struggles. 


Running the London Marathon has always been on my bucket list (although I might not be feeling the same 4 hours into the run…), and I’m extremely proud to be able to run it for BANA. Not only to raise money but also to prove to everyone that you can still achieve your goals following AN surgery.

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