BANA Video Clips

Thanks to a whole host of BANA members and supporters who helped fund this vital project, we are now able to provide our information audio-visually through a series of video clips.

There are five separate videos to watch. 'What is an acoustic neuroma?' features BANA trustee Professor Simon Lloyd explaining what an AN is, the management options and symptoms. Daniel's story charts his experience as a long-term Wait and Watch patient, in Julia's story she tells of her own personal journey undertaking GammaKnife stereotactic radiotherapy, and Mark's story focuses on surgery and his diagnosis and recovery. Finally, we explain a  little about BANA our charity in the final clip, featuring Chairman Stephen Cortman and CEO Debra Nash.

We will soon have available a DVD compilation of all five clips to loan out to people affected, with subtitles, so please do ask via the office if interested.

Watch our videos now:

What is an acoustic neuroma?
Daniel's Story - Wait & Watch
Julia's Story - Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)
Mark's Story - Surgery

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